Fitness Friday

I’m Grateful For My Body

Today’s post is simply a thank you to my body. 
Let me tell you!
I spent most of the day on Friday packing all our stuff up at my parents house so we could move into our new house. I hauled three 27 gallon totes full of clothes and several boxes of other things up my parents stairs and into cars. I then hauled those 3 tubs plus and boxes into our house, assembled a bed, a crib and our sleep number bed with the help of my mom. Then Saturday I ran for three miles, spent 3 hours staining pickets for my parents deck, helped haul a 38lb piece of treks, and then the rest of the day hauling more totes and boxes into three cars and then hauling that stuff into our house. 
I did all of that! Two of our last fours moves I haven’t physically been able to help out. I was pregnant. The third one, I wasn’t quite strong enough, had a baby to take care of and we had enough man power I didn’t have to do anything. So it was very empowering to be able to do everything that I did. 
The Hubs has been busy with work, rebuilding my parents deck, and prepping for hunting season. He normally would have done most of the stuff I did, but this time around, I was able to take a decent amount of weight off his shoulders. Almost literally. 
I think back to our very first move, and even though I was pregnant, I was definitely not strong enough to do anything. I have spent months lifting weights and building muscles and I never thought I would be as strong as I am today.
I am grateful for my body and what it has accomplished. When we treat our bodies right and take care of them, they will do things for us that we never thought possible. 
Do something for you body and yourself. Take care of it and help it grow and become strong!!


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