Fitness Friday

Self Control = No Sweets Challenge

I have to tell you something…..



Yep, I’m not. The past week or so has been really hard for me and it’s all my fault. Why? Well, I love to bake and I’m an emotional stress eater. I haven’t baked in a long time and I have wanted to make a giant cookie for a long time. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see that I’ve been trying out a few recipes (@TheStokerKitchen). In the span of 5 days, I baked 3 giant cookies. One was a total bust. The second one was okay. The third one was the winner! I had one small square of the first and ended up throwing the batch out it was that bad. The second I ate more and ended up throwing that batch out too. The third I ate a small pie slice and then took it to a BBQ and came home with an empty pan!!

I have a serious sweet tooth and have a hard time controlling it, especially when stressful things are going on. I have done many ‘no-sweets challenges’ over the last few years and there was a point where I got it down to not craving anything but dark chocolate. Now, I want ice cream, cake, cookies, chocolate, you name it! In between all those cookies,  I ate some of my mother-in-laws homemade raspberry bars and I have 3 more pieces sitting in my fridge!

Hi, my name is Megan and I have self control issues when it comes to sweets!

Anyone want to join/start Sweets Addicts Annon with me?!

Self control is a hard thing to have, but considering that I brought 4 raspberry bars home from my mother-in-laws on Saturday and there are still 3 in the fridge and it’s Friday, I’d say I’m doing a descent job ‘working on it’.

The best way for me to work on self control is by challenging myself. To seriously restrain from it. To prove to myself (and The Hubs) that I can win and beat this weakness!

Who wants to join a no-sweets challenge with me starting TODAY?!?!?!?!?

As of TODAY you are committing to the following:

  • no chocolate
  • no ice cream
  • no cake
  • no dessert of any kind
  • no carmel corn
  • no gummy bears
  • no candy

This challenge will last for the next 4 MONTHS!! Until September 20th! Are you with me?! Come on! Four weeks really isn’t that long. Comment below that you’re in and lets hold each other accountable.


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