The Wandering Mind

My Favorite Movie

If there is ONE movie that I have to pick… It would be Run Away Bride. Before I got married that was the movie that I would watch/listen to while I got things done like cleaning my room and folding laundry. I know the movie so well that I can pretty much have it memorized!

I have a few other favorites….
– Leap Year
– Kate & Leopold
– Pirates of the Caribbean #4
– More I’m sure…..

I most watch TV shows on Netflix right now. Again I watch them while I’m folding laundry or making dinner or at the very end of the day if I have a few minutes to unwind before bed.

Favorite TV shows:
– Grey’s Anatomy
– Bones
– Chasing Life (currently watching)
– Pretty Little Lias (just finished)
– Gilmore Girls
– and more, I’m currently brain dead!!! hahah!

I would love to know your favorites movies and shows!! Share below! Have a great day!

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