Fitness Friday

I’m Protect Your Skin

This past weekend I had an awful reminder that regardless of how much time you think you will or won’t spend in the sun, you need to put on some sort of sunscreen!!!

Part of being fit is taking care of your skin. Your skin is your biggest organ. It is vital. Without our skin we are practically nothing. It is a large bandaid that protects everything inside of us. It holds us together.

The Hubs is re-doing my parents deck and to help him out, I spend a few hours on Saturday painting parts of the deck. I didn’t feel like I was getting much sun until the end. I spent the whole time bent over painting and so my back got all of the sun. It has been painful the last few days. So painful it hurts to wear anything or move.

Come Monday and Tuesday I spent the day in a tank top applying just about anything that would ease the pain. Thankful the pain is starting to subside but not fast enough.

Always wear some sort of SPF when you are going to be outside. I put it on my kids, but I always feel like it’s too much work to put it on myself.

IF you do get burned, make sure that you take the time right away to start applying aloe or whatever your favorite burn anointment is. Don’t delay. It’s important to start the healing process and make sure that your skin stays hydrated. Hydrating your skin lessens the chance of peeling. And who likes peeling skin? I certainly don’t!!!

So lesson learned!! If I can’t apply sunscreen to my back, I will wear a shirt! Never again!!!!

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