Fitness Friday

Give Yourself Time

Fitness seems to be the major fab now a days and I think it’s amazing!! I didn’t used to though. I would roll my eyes every time I saw someone post something about eating healthy or doing some amazing workout. It took a while to figure out why I was feeling that way. Once I did, it wasn’t easy, but it was easier to make the mindset shift I needed to make in order to enjoy ‘getting fit’.

Getting fit can mean different things to different people. Most of the time people are thinking about loosing weight. And when you are only loosing 1-3lbs at a time it’s easy to give up.

Think about it…. How long did it take you to gain the 10, 20, 30lbs that you want to loose? A few months? A few years? Let’s say it took you 2 years to gain 30lbs… You need to give yourself 2 years to loose the weight. It know that may sound ridiculous, but it’s not!

Now think about it this way…. It takes 9-10 months for a pregnant woman to gain about 25-30lbs. Realistically speaking, it should take at least the same amount of time to loose that weight. For some it may not take as long due to genetics or how crazy amazing they are at eating super clean and working out. For others, it may take longer depending on how dedicated you want to be.

I’ve been on both ends. I gained 30ish lbs my first pregnancy and it took me, 10 months to even decide to start to loose the weight and then another 10 months after that to actually loose it. This past pregnancy I gained 30ish lbs and last weigh in (which was almost 2 weeks ago) I was 8lbs and 8 weeks away from my pregnancy weight. That also includes a 2 month plateau and a 2 lb weight gain.

The moral of the story is weight loss is not easy. It can be so frustrating and annoying. Right now, I’m craving carbs like nobody’s business!! You can’t expect to loose all your weight in 30 days and expect it to stay off with whatever fad diet you find. What you can expect is to make a lifestyle change and loose some weight a little bit at a time. Celebrate the 1-3 lb weight lose! Just not with food. Baby steps is how you got there and baby steps is how you’ll get back.


2 thoughts on “Give Yourself Time

  1. I totally agree. Having kids changes so many things, I feel like my body was less efficient after having kids. It took me longer after my second kid and I’m still working on loosing all the baby weight. Thanks for the great reminder!


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