The Wandering Mind

My Thoughts on Education

I’m not quite sure how to answer this… So, I’m going to try and approach it two different ways. Homeschool vs Public/Private School and then Secondary Education.

So I am not for or against homeschool, public school or private school. I’m for any option depending on what is best for the child. Some children need the public/private school environment for the social aspect. Some children need private school to have a more direct approach to education and adding religion. Some kids do best at home with their parents.

I personally like the idea of homeschool. I’m not sure if I could actually do it though. A co-op might work. I like the idea because in school I excelled in some subjects and not others and I wish I had had the opportunity to keep excelling in those subjects instead of being help back with the school curriculum. I also have a child that is very smart for his age. He is only 3 and he basically knows all but a few things he’d learn in preschool.

I have young kids so my thoughts may change as they get closer to school.

For secondary education, there are so many different kinds of further education you can do. You can go to college, trade school, on the job training…. Do what you need to do get the career that you want!

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