The Wandering Mind

3 Healthy Habits

I didn’t always have healthy habits. A few years ago I hardly if ever worked out. I ate too much fast food and freezer dinners. I didn’t read uplifting books I could learn from. I was happy, but not as happy as I am now. I was just kind of existing. After changing those three things, and not all at one, I have started to become more of the woman I have wanted to be.

3 Healthy Habits
1. Workout Daily – This actually started for me almost three years ago and I wish that I had started sooner. Working out, especially running, has become therapy. If I wake up in a bad mood or I’m exhausted from a rough night, I know that if I can just get my workout in, my day will be so much better! It really does make difference on the days that I’m not able to get it in.

2. Eat Healther & Drink More Water – By healthier, I simply mean to eat more home cooked meals, eat more fruits and veggies, and watch your portions. When I started doing that the weight started coming off and I felt better. I wasn’t eating nearly as many processed foods and by cooking at home I knew exactly what was going into my food. Also drinking more water helps to relive headaches, body aches from working out, curb false hungry when you’re bored, and help to keep you more alert during the day. Those are only a few examples of what drinking more water can do. {Maybe I should do a Fitness Friday post about drinking water ;)}

3. Read Personal Development Books – I used to think people were crazy for reading personal development books because I thought that only meant self-help and that made me feel like something was wrong with me. Oh boy! Was I ever so wrong. Personal development is simply reading something that you can learn from. Find something that you are interested it and pick out a book to help you learn. I like reading about natural child birth. I also like reading positive affirmation books. I also like reading books that help make the Gospel of Jesus Christ more real and easier to understand. So personal development doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you, it just means that you want to learn and develop yourself into something better than you are now! {Guess I need to go through my favorite books I’ve read do far and share them with you! That will have to be another post!}

If you are going to start implementing good habits in your life, I strongly recommend starting with one of these three. When you do, I’d love to hear about your experience!!



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