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It’s Never To Early To Prepare

It is never to early to prepare for General Conference!!

Today our lesson in Relief Society was wonderful. When you have a baby you don’t always get to hear the whole lesson. But I really want to share with you what I got out of what I was able to hear.

Have you ever wondered why you get more out of some sessions of General Conference then others? Or from some talks than others? Or why the spring session had more gold nuggets than the fall?

You get out of conference what you put into it. When you actually prepare for conference ahead of time you tend to reap more rewards and blessings. There have been sessions or the whole weekend where I haven’t felt like I got a single thing out of it. But when I sit down to read the talks, they are highlighted and underlined and almost unreadable. As the discussion took place, I realized that I tend to take more out of the talks when I don’t know who is talking. I feel like we tend to have more of a bias towards our favorite speakers. It doesn’t matter what they are talking about they always have something amazing to share. But I have heard some amazing wisdom come from the timid speakers who are nervous and don’t have the stage presence that Elder Holland, Elder Uchtdorf, or President Monson have, to name a few. After I shared that experience, another sister in my ward continued on with that. She said that some of the speakers at conference aren’t blessed with the gift of stage presence to draw you in and hold you on the edge of your seat. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have something amazing to share.

Another sister shared that as each person is talking, she looks for a theme in their talk and others and then for each session and the conference as a whole. She will often compare her findings with others and discover they found a different theme. That theme being what each person needed to hear for themselves.

As the discussion continued, my sweet daughter got restless and I had to leave to put her to sleep. While walking in the hall way, I realized that I need to do more than pray a few days before and the morning of the first session. So I thought that I’d share with you a few things that I want to do to start now to prepare myself for conference. It is only 2 short months away!

  • Pray now! Pray for the general authorities and auxiliaries of the church. Pray that they will have the spirit with them now as they prepare their talks and as they give them that they will be able to bring across to you and the rest of the world what Heavenly Father needs and wants us to hear. Pray that your heart, mind, and spirit will be open to the messages that are shared.
  • Read the previous talks! I love studying the talks from the previous session. After each conference weekend I have lofty goals to read a talk a day or a talk a week and devour each one. With two kiddos, that doesn’t happen. I am lucky to get 1 talk in every few weeks. But when I do, I learn to much and feel so uplifted.
  • Listen to the previous talks! There is a major difference in reading and listening to talks. Sometimes you need to hear the speakers voice and their inflections to really get the message that they are trying to deliver. Other times, you need to hear it in your own voice. So do both. Listen in the car, while you go for a walk, while you do chores, during breakfast, for FHE, while you’re working out. Don’t wait for the kids to go down for a nap or be quiet. Just turn it on the let the spirit guide you and your children to listen.
  • Read your scriptures daily! I have learned this for myself, that when you read your scriptures daily, your mind and spirit are more open and sensitive to spiritual things. You start to yearn for the spiritual. Ten verses a day is all I ask you to do. You will be amazed at the difference.
  • Seek for questions! This is one I have never done. I have never attended conference with a question in my mind and heart. I have heard it many times. Attend conference with a question in your heart and you will receive an answer or guidance on what to do. So, I will be seeking for a question that I need and want an answer to.

What do you do to prepare for conference? I would love hear! Comment below and lets share and help others better prepare to hear the word of God!


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