Spiritual Thoughts


We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all man!
(Article of Faith 13, first phrase)

During Gospel Principles on Sunday (it was a long day so better late then never right?) our teacher posed a question and it really made me think.

How far do we need to bridge our gap to true honesty?

In other words, how honest are we? Do we fib a little here and there? Do we tell a half truths, or say we’ll do something and then don’t do it? Do we lie on accident?

As we were discussing honesty and all the ins and outs, it made me think of something that my mom would tell my youngest brother every time he lied. She would pull him aside and say something to the affect of, “If Joseph Smith had lied to his mom all the time, do you think she would have believed him when he told her about seeing Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ?” He would think about it and answer no. They would talk and move on. Every time my brother lied, they would have the same talk.

After sharing that experience in class, we started talking about how vital it was for Joseph Smith to be truly and completely honest in all things in order for his credibility to stand when it came down to his vision. (Now I’m not saying he didn’t ever lie because I don’t know. I wasn’t there. But I imagine that he didn’t.) Many, many people doubted him and called him a lier and still do to this day. It is hard to believe at times. But I do have a testimony and know it to be true, that what he saw that day in the Sacred Grove was real and true.

So let me ask again, how big is our chasm that we have created due to lies? How big and strong of a bridge do we need to build to bridge the gap and become more honestly in all things?

I challenge you to start with yourself. Be honestly with yourself. When we are honest with ourselves, it’s easier to be honest in other aspects of our lives.


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