Fitness Friday

My Two Favorite Running Apps

I have two favorite running apps so I thought that I’d write a blog post and share them with you!!

I was not a runner until almost 3 years ago. In fact it would take me 20 min to mostly walk and sort of jog a mile back in high school. I had what they called sports induced asthma and well, I hated the idea of running. After having Little Man, running was the only thing I could think to do to help me loose the weight. I bought a cheap treadmill and off I went. Apparently I was waaaaaaay out of shape in high school and after a little training, running is my therapy!

The Nike+running app tracks your miles, time, distance, and calorie burn based on info you have inputed. You can set a run based on how far you want to run, how long you want to run, or how fast you want to run. You can also set it to track your run indoors on a treadmill or outside. You can link it to Facebook even and get applause while you’re running as your friends like your run! There is so much more you can do with the app too. I love watching my progress day after day.

The RockMyRun app does just that. It seriously rocks your run and more. This app gives you play lists with varied beats per minute (bpm) or a stead bpm. You can search by activity, latest, hottest or top rated stations, or you can go in a set more specific settings to get exactly what you want. When you first open the app you get 7 days free to match your pace to a set bpm, find music to match your steps, or music to match your heart rate. My favorite was setting the bpm. I like to run on an incline around 165 bpm or flat around 170-174 bpm. I am still using the free version but you can upgrade and pay for a month a time or a year at a time. Regardless of what you decided to do, the free version is amazing!

These two apps together make it so when my allotted run time is up, I don’t want to stop. I am so glad that I found them and I’d love to hear what you think about them!!

**I am writing this post simply because I love the apps. I am not receiving anything for writing this post.**


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