Fitness Friday

Essential Oils For Relaxing & Healing Muscles

Back when I was pregnant, my right ankle one day swelled up pretty bad and it was painful to walk on. I had injury it back on high school and every now and again it would flare up. Well, being pregnant I didn’t like taking pain meds unless I had to so my mom suggested that I used Lemon Grass oil and Deep Blue Rub (from Do Terra). Oh. My. Goodness!!!

Before bed I simply applied one drop of the Lemon Grass oil to my ankle and gently massaged it in. Then I massaged some Deep Blue rub unto of that. The Lemon Grass, from what I’ve been told, aids in healing muscles. Deep Blue is similar to Ben Gay. After applying both, there was a cooling and soothing sensation and by morning, the pain was gone and the swelling had gone down. Since then I’ve had a few more flare ups in my ankle and an application or two usually does the trick.

I also possibly broke my toe, or maybe just severed jammed it, several months ago. The swelling and pain still comes and goes so I thought I’d use some Lemon Grass on it the other night to see what would happen. Once again, the pain and swelling subsides a bit and I can continue on.

I also use oils for allergy relief and for helping my kids when they are congested. I’m not a die hard ‘oil girl’ but Lemon Grass and Deep Blue Rub are two of my favorites for sure!!

**I am not a rep for any oil company. I do not now everything about oils. I’m just sharing what works for me. I am not getting anything out of posting this review.**

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