The Wandering Mind

What’s In Your Bag or Wallet?

This reminds me of that one credit card commercial and now I can’t even remember which card it’s for… Isn’t it Capital One?

Anyway, this one won’t be too hard seeing as how I’m in the diaper bag phase! So here is a picture…

Inside we have diapers for Little Man and Sweet Pea, wipes, burp clothes, bibs, extra clothes, binkers, medicine, a notebook, pens, my wallet, chapstick, gum, tooth picks, bottle, formula, and I’m sure a few more things. But pretty much all the essentials for the kiddos and my wallet.

When I’m not using a diaper I have an awesome messenger bag that carries a few snacks, chapstick, wallet, toys, a diaper for each kiddos, wipes, my planner… You know, more of the mom basics. But I’m sure it will be another 6 months at least of using a diaper bag before I transition out.

What’s in your bag, purse, wallet?

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