Spiritual Thoughts

Make The Time to Have a Christ Centered Life

You can never study the scriptures too much!

I feel like I have been consumed by the scriptures and the gospel in general the last several weeks and I am loving it! I didn’t realize how much of my day I spend reading, talking or thinking about the scriptures in some way shape or form until I was talking to a friend about it. Here is what any given day may look like….

  • personal reading following @bofm265 on Instagram
  • reading some sort of spiritually centered personal development book
  • reading the Book of Mormon with Little Man while we make his breakfast
  • pondering a section of scripture for my contribution to sheteachesfearlessly.com
  • writing out blog post for sheteachesfearlessly.com
  • pondering/writing blog posts here
  • following along with #30daysofbiblelettering on Instagram (graphic design for a scripture)
  • designing and sharing a visiting teaching printable each month
  • reading General Conference talks when I have a few minutes

That is a lot. But you know what? The more that I add, the happier that I am! I thought that at some point it would get to be too much, and maybe it will, eventually. But this ‘routine’ has brought me so much knowledge and happiness. I haven’t felt this peaceful or stress free in a long time. And felt is the key word. We have plenty going on with building our house and living with my parents. It’s the fact that the more you center your life around Christ, the happier you will be!

So today, and every other day, make the time, to sit down and do something that will enlighten you spiritually. Make the time to start centering your life around Christ and you will be surprised at how much easier things might seem. Make the time to make the choice!!!

(Hand drawn designs for #30daysofbiblelettering on Instagram)


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