The Wandering Mind

My 5 Favorite Songs

I have a rather eclectic style of music. It didn’t used to be as eclectic as it is now, but oh boy!!!

Growing up as a kid I listened to blue grass, country, orchestra, choral, musicals, and occasional what was popular at the time. My husband listens to what I consider hard music. Not quite heavy metal, but heavy. Or maybe it is heavy metal, I don’t know because I don’t listen to it. Haha! Most of his music is too hard and ‘evil’ for me to listen to. — By evil, I just don’t feel good listening to it. It’s the only way I can describe it. — However, over the years, he has enlarged my music tasted to include more of what’s current as well as some of the calmer songs from his heavy bands. I hope that makes sense!

So here are my 5 favorites in no particular order:

Who Says by Salena Gomez

I love this song so much! I love the words and I love what it teaches. I love that it was Little Man’s favorite song for a long time. I love that it was teaching him young that it doesn’t matter what anyone else says. He will be an amazing big brother for Sweet Pea!

Fishin’ In The Dark by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

This is ‘our song’. It’s a long story, but before we were even officially dating this became our song. Maybe someday I’ll share with you our story and how we met. But for now this song brings back memories for us and we love it!

Dare by Gentri

This song came out at time where I needed a bit of encouragement to dream. I have lofty dreams and goals and they are all out of reach. My goals and dreams are still morphing as I’m figure out the true desires of my heart and what I really want to do. But this is an amazing song and brings that energy I need when things are rough.

The Bliss by Volbeat

This is one of those heavy metal-ish groups that The Hubs enjoys. I don’t care much for most of their music, but the calm stuff is pretty good. This one is unique. Most of the song is kind of heavy, a gentle heavy. Then there is a section that sounds almost bluegrassy. It’s the perfect mix of The Hubs and myself. It’s my newest favorite!

Not Strong Enough by Apocalyptica

This is another one of those heavy songs that The Hubs loves. The reason why I love this song is purely because it’s Little Man’s favorite. He is always asking to listen to his song and it’s 90% of the time this one. Occasionally he’ll pick another one, but I love that he sings right along with it. He also loves to play the air guitar and air drums while listening. It just melts my heart seeing his love for music at such an early age!

So those are my current 5 favorite songs. They change often as The Hubs finds new music to share with me. I spend most of my free time listening to podcasts, scriptures, General Conference or reading motivational books on my kindle.

What are your favorite songs?


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