The Wandering Mind

My Biggest Fear

I was toying with the title of “What I’m Afraid of” or “My Biggest Fear”. What I’m afraid of is kind of silly. But my biggest fear is not as silly. So maybe I’ll answer both.

I am afraid of spiders, tornados, and severe thunderstorms.

My biggest fear is loosing any of my family.

Lately I’ve been having dreams that Sweet Pea is choking, or that she gets stepped on, or is dropped, or breaks her legs and those dreams literally having me bolting out of bed to check on her. I have had the same dreams about Little Man.

There are days when The Hubs leaves for work and I have to say an extra little prayer because I’m afraid he won’t come home for some reason.

I have had dreams of my parents and siblings dying and I wake up in tears.

My biggest fear is being a lone.

What are you afraid of or what is your biggest fear?


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