Fitness Friday

Fitness Can Be Fun

How many of you laughed when you saw the title of this article?

Fitness, exercise, working out, whatever you want to call it, CAN BE FUN! You just have to find something you enjoy. That can be a bit difficult, but once you find it… You won’t want to stop once you start!

I have done walking, running, Pilates, Yoga, Tabatta, HIIT, Oula, Zumba, Booty Barre, Cardio Barre, Cize, and Piyo.

I don’t like about half of them and it’s basically because they are two slow or too fast. I don’t want to fall asleep while I’m working out but I want to be able to breathe and not feel like I’m going to pass out at the same time. I like a workout that is challenging. A workout that seriously works my muscles in a short amount of time and stretches them at the same time.

Youtube is a great place to find different kinds of workouts to test out for free. Below are some of my favorite channels and search results. Take a peek and let me know which one is your favorite!!

Booty Barre — The Booty Barre channel doesn’t have a lot of videos so I just searched Booty Barre in YouTube and the link takes you to the search results. From there you will see a lot of Tracey Mallet’s videos through the BeFit Channel.
Cardio Barre — This one is my favorite cardio barre video.
Be Fit — Channel… There are so many different kinds of workouts that you can choose from here.
Be Fit in 90 — Channel… This is a 90 day program. I’m doing this one right now and I’m loving it!
Bikini Body Mommy — Channel… I’ve done 2 rounds (3.0 & 4.0) and I really like it.

What workouts do you enjoy?

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