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My Motto Is Coming To Life

Do you have a personal motto? A family motto? Both?

For the last 4 years we have had a family motto but this year, let’s just say that we haven’t come up with one yet! The year is not over so that could change.

I was feeling kind of lost with out a motto. So I decided to come up with a personal motto. I felt like I really needed one. Over the last eight months, while we lived in Kalispell, something inside of me changed. With our move, I didn’t want to forget those feelings and digress. I wanted to make sure that I stayed true to the woman I have become and continue to be as involved and outgoing as I have been. So for weeks I thought and prayed about what my personal motto should be. Make the choice is what consistently kept coming to mind. So it became my personal motto.

Today during church, I received a confirmation that Make The Choice was the personal motto I need!

During the last hour of church, the Bishopric talked about President Monsons’ talk from this past April General Conference session titled Choices. {I even read that talked this week!!} We watched the talked and then each member of the Bishopric spent a few minutes talking about different kinds of choices. With everything that was said, I nodded my head in agreement as I had already made the decision to focus on making the right choice.

A little back story… I remember this talk during conference, I remember that it was short, but that was all that I remembered. I was dealing with a fussy baby that weekend so I didn’t get to hear much. So the fact that President Monson was answering a question in April that I wouldn’t have until the end of May brings warmth to my heart. No matter when you have questions, you can get your answers from past conference talks!

So I thought that today I would share two of my favorite quotes from President Monsons’ talk.

May we choose to build up within ourselves a great and powerful faith which will be our most effective defense against the designs of the adversary — a real faith, the kind of faith which will sustain us and will bolster our desire to choose the right. Without such faith, we go nowhere. With it, we can accomplish our goals.


I love this. I have learned in the last eight months that growing your faith and your knowledge really does help you to make the choice no matter how small or big the choice is. The more I read my scriptures, past and present, the easier it is to make the choice.

May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong.
As we contemplate the decisions we make in our lives each day — whether to make this choice or that choice — if we choose Christ, we will have made the correct choice.


I have a specific focus about making the choice. My focus is on talking to others, being the person to go welcome someone new at church, to smile at others, to say hi to others, to step outside of myself and think of others. I have spent many a sad year (unfortunately) wishing someone would do and be those things for me and now that I have had the experience of feeling wanted, needed, and cared about, I want to turn around and be that for someone else.

So, if you don’t have a personal motto, feel free to use mine. I challenge you to MAKE THE CHOICE, whatever it may be!!


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