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Prays Always

Motherhood is not an easy job. But is the best job and the most rewarding and fulling job on the planet. At least in my opinion.

Motherhood has been kicking my butt lately. Normally I have a pretty good handle on things but this past week I have been struggling. I have no idea how I would have made it through with out prayer and knowing that my Heavenly Father is right there listening and helping. Even though it may not feel like it in the moment.

One particularly rough night, Sweet Pea was crying and so I just let it go too. The dam broke and the tears started falling. Days of pent up tears and emotions over our upcoming move and I’m pretty sure I cried off and on for an hour. During that hour I also prayed my heart out. For peace, comfort, strength and for Sweet Pea to go back to sleep. — This wasn’t the first time I had been up with her. — It wasn’t until later on the next day that I realized a tender mercy. As soon as I started crying, Sweet Pea stopped. She laid there calmly in my arms and watched me with gentle, curious eyes. She remained mostly peaceful until she started fighting off the next wave of sleepiness. When Heavenly Father wasn’t there to physically wrap his arms around me, He calmed my daughter and calmed my heart.

I would not be the Mother I want to be without my Heavenly Father. I would not be able to lead, guide, direct, teach or comfort my children without His help and guidance. I prayer daily, hourly some days, and I know He hears and answers my pleadings. I can see it in the way Little Man comforts me when I cry, they way he helps without complaining, the way both kiddos will be calm when I’m not. Pray often for He will send angles to help you! ❤


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