Fitness Friday

Fitness Is Not About Perfection

Fitness is not about perfection, it’s about striving.

Striving to eat cleaner, sleep better, train harder. Striving to think clearer, be happier, smile more.

This last week I’ve been struggling and I know it’s not over yet. We are getting ready to move and will be in limbo for about two months. That is two months of unexpectedness and stress. When I’m stressed I tend to eat more carbs and chocolate. That’s not exactly a good thing when you are trying to loose weight. And today I’m feeling the effects of the stress and the extra carbs and sugar from the last few days. I am not liking it. This is the time when I really need to focus and get back on the band wagon.

I love the word striving for this very reason! I love what it encourages and how positive it sounds. I love that it’s not an ending. I love that it doesn’t expect perfection. I love that it’s a never ending work in progress. I love how it excepts challenges, set backs and stress. I love that it wraps it’s arms around you during those times and encourages you to take another step forward.

Life happens. You can’t always be perfect with your fitness and nutrition. If you are, you are amazing!! If you’re not, you are only human and doing just fine.

Never give up. Allow yourself to be human. It’s ok.

Now wake up tomorrow and strive to be better than you were yesterday.



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