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Make The Choice

This is my third attempt at writing a post this morning. The other two attempts just didn’t feel right and I couldn’t get my thoughts straight or figure out the right words. I guess those thoughts weren’t meant to be shared. And that is okay!

I did want to share my new personal motto!!!

I have been thinking that I need a personal motto and that feeling only increased when I found a bar necklace that I could engrave my motto on. So for the last several days I thought about it even more and prayed to find the right motto to help me get through the next transition in our newest adventure and throughout the rest of my life. The phrase I chose is…. Make The Choice.

It comes from the quote

Make the choice to take the chance or else it will never change.

We make choices on a daily basis. But we need to be more direct and purposeful in our choices. In our thoughts, acts, reactions, desires, intents, friendships, relationships and more. We need make the choice to be happy, be welcoming, be friendly. We need to strive to be better than we are on a daily basis.

So to my new personal motto, Make The Choice, I raise a glass. Here is to making the choice to be the woman, mother, wife, and daughter of God I am meant to be!!


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