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Happy Mother’s Day

I received a wonderful Mother’s Day card from my mother-in-law and the message in there really struck my heart strings.

The most important job in the world doesn’t offer an hourly wage or days off or paid vacations. But it does offer real feelings, shining faces, bedtime stories, small victories, priceless memories, and many wonderful moments of joy… Always remember, there’s no more important job in this world than the one you do every day with all your heart!

I couldn’t have described motherhood any other way.

Some days I feel like Super Mom. Some days I feel like the worst mom. Some days I am so overwhelmed all I can do is just sit down and cry. And some days I can’t believe that Heavenly Father has blessed me with two amazing kids!

I want to take a minute and say Happy Mother’s Day to every single woman out there. Whether you have birthed, adopted, foster or nurtured… You have been a mother figure to someone at some point in your life and you mean the world to them. You mean the world to me! You are a precious daughter of God and you deserve to be celebrated and love.

May your day be filled with love and the spirit of Christ!! ❤



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