Fitness Friday

What Is A Perfect Body?

I was looking for inspiration on what to write for this weeks article and got sucked into Pinterest! I was scrolling almost aimlessly looking for something to inspire me.

As I was scrolling through, most of the workouts had something to do with “best moves for the best butt”, “10 moves to get bikini abs”, “squatless butt/thigh workout”, “30 days to abs”, and the list goes on. The the images on these pins are models!! Models that have the best bubble butt and the tightest core! And guess what…. I started getting discouraged instead of getting inspired!!

Today’s society has us wanting to look perfect! But what is perfect?

Every body is d i f f e r e n t!!!

Every body has its own kind of P E R F E C T!!

I have tried a lot of those challenges and I don’t have the perfect bubble butt nor do I have the washboard abs! Granted I had a baby recently but even before I got pregnant I didn’t have those things. Not every body is going to respond to the same workout the same way!

I just hosted a 2 week exclusive core challenge group and I feel stronger in my midsection but I don’t have anything to show for it. WHY? Because of two reasons.

  1. My nutrition wasn’t 100%.
  2. Muscles are not made over night.

When it comes to finding your muscles you need to be on point when it comes to nutrition. You can’t eat fast food and junk all day every day even if you’re within your calorie range and expect to see results. You need to feed your body right. When you are feeding your body right and it’s getting the right nutrients, it will burn more fat and you’ll start to see definition as the fat layers start to melt away. And it takes time for muscle to grow. It takes a challenge. You can do body weight exercises, but at some point, if you’re not happy with the lack of definition, you’ll need to add some extra resistance. That is when weights come in. Or heavy objects.

You can do all the ‘3o days to a better {insert body party}” challenges on Pinterest, but until you get your nutrition on point and your patients in check, you’re going to be disappointed.

It’s not easy working on fitness. I have a dear friend of mine who was back to her pre-pregnancy weight with in 3 months of having of her baby and I’m 4 months out and still have about 15 lbs to go. She has taken the time and been dedicated to her nutirtion by eating clean 100% of the . I am not. I’m more of an 80/20 girl so it’s taking me longer. A N D  T H A T  I S  O K!!! I am further a head than I was after baby #1 and that is all that matters.

You will have up’s and down’s, you will have plateau’s and dramatic weightloss, you will want to binge eat on anything sweet in sight and you’ll want nothing but fruits and veggies. It’s a battle as you figure out the happy medium for your body.

What works for someone else’s body may not work for you and visa versa. Just don’t give up. Keep trying. Because as you do, you will get stronger and you will start to see results!


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