The Wandering Mind

How My Blog Got It’s Name

It is quiet in my house.

Right this very moment, all I can hear are the birds chirping outside and the hum of the fridge.

I am tired and I don’t feel good. I should take advantage of the next 15 minute and try for a power nap. But whenever I do, I seem to be worse off later. I’m one of those nappers that needs an hour or more to really feel refreshed and recharged. Power naps don’t do it for me. {Later: it wasn’t even 15 minutes before Sweet Pea woke up and the rest of the day was shot.}

I was looking for an image of something to post on my FB page the other day and found a 30 day bloggers challenge. I’ve been wanting to get this blog more off the ground so I thought why not. This will challenge me to write more and give more ideas of what to actually write. I don’t generally write unless I feel inspired by something but I’m hoping that I can encourage that to change!

So, here is to day 1: Your Blog’s Name!

My blogs name is pretty self explanatory, for the most part. My last name is Stoker. My blog originally started as a cooking blog back in 2011. The hubs and I would pick out a new recipe to try every week and that was our ‘date night’. It was something that we could do together besides watching TV.

At one point I had Tip Tuesday, Wednesday Weekly Meals, Seasonal Saturday (supposed to be desserts in the season), and Inspirational Sunday’s. Then Little Man was born and I had to go back to work and there just wasn’t enough time in the day to keep it up. It fell by the way side sadly.

This past fall I felt inspired to start it up again. To take it a different route. To do more than just share our cooking experiences.

I have felt the need and desire to share more about my religion. To share about my fitness journey. To share whatever pops into my head. Maybe I’ll add some of the old features back… Ya never know 😉

I don’t know about you but most of our day happens in or near the kitchen. Maybe it’s because of the layout of our house(s), but we are never far away.

So, The Stoker Kitchen…. It’s more than just cooking and baking. It’s where life happens!!!


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