Visiting Teaching

May 2016 Visiting Teaching Printable

Over the last several months I have thoroughly enjoyed putting together these printables!! I didn’t used to like visiting teaching. I have never really had a good experience with it and just kind of let it fall by the way side. But several months ago, an amazing visiting teacher was assigned to me and she showed me what it is and what it means to be a visiting teacher.

After being given my own route, I made it an effort to be the kind of visiting teacher that she is for me. And in dong that, I have enjoyed studying the messages and making these.

May’s visiting teaching message is being pulled from General Conference talks. The image that I made below came from Sister Esplin’s talk from the General Women’s Session. I loved that she talked about getting out of yourself and focusing on others. We all know what happens when we focus on ourselves. We find negatives things, and therefore our train of thought goes negative. However, when we stop focusing on ourselves — stop looking in the mirror — and focus on others — look through the windows — we are happier and have a better mindset. We are able to be more Christlike.

I challenge you this month to put your mirrors down. I challenge you this month to look through the windows more and see others in a different light. I’d love to hear your results from the challenge. I have been slowly working on this myself and it’s been fun to see. 🙂

Sister Cheryl A. Esplin’s Talk
Other General Conference Talks

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