The Wandering Mind

My Life Has A Plan

The other day I was having a rough start to my day and for no particular reason. I was just struggling.

I said a prayer and asked for peace and comfort in my mind and heart. I kept that pray in my heart as I went about my morning. Hoping the anxiousness would dissipate.

As I was driving home from the grocery store that morning, a song from the LDS Primary Children’s Song Book popped into my head and has been with me ever since.

My life is a gift. My life has a plan. My life has a purpose. In Heaven it began. My choice was to come to this lovely home on Earth. And Seek for God’s like to direct me from birth.


Immediately, there was peace in my mind and in my heart.

My life has a plan.

Heavenly Father has a plan for me. I need to let go of my plans and ‘go with the flow’. I need to let go of my expectations and breathe.

My life has a purpose and it began in Heaven.

Regardless of whatever stress I may have, I chose this and I can handle it. With Heavenly Father on my side, anything is possible.


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