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The Enabling Power of The Atonement

Yesterday I received a text asking if I would help share how the enabling power of the Atonement has helped me in my life during the Relief Society lesson today at church. So I started pondering about it and I became excited to share. A little while later we received a phone call and now we are substituting in Primary so I won’t be able to attend Relief Society.

However, instead of just letting it go, I continued to focus on how the Atonement has helped me in my life and many different experiences popped into my head.

One was when Sweet Pea was born. How do you ask? Well the Atonement isn’t just for those who have sinned. The Atonement is also for those who struggle in any capacity. Sickness, pain of any kind, trials… Christ suffered for all of our sins and all of our pain. He did that so that we could return to live with Heavenly Father again, but He also did it so that there would be one person who knew exactly what you were going through. So how does this relate to Sweet Pea’s birth? I had Sweet Pea at home. It was a 100% natural birth. We prayed a lot for guidance and peace. Heavenly Father knows my body better than I do. He knew what I could handle. He also knows Sweet Pea and knew what she could handle as well. After many prayers there was never anything but peace in our decision to have Sweet Pea at home. When my water broke, it was prayers that labor would start and stay. There were prayers for peace and comfort. There was a blessing of guidance and confirmation that what we were doing was right and we would both be ok. There were prayers when labor started and progressed. There were prayers that I could stay strong. That I could do this hard thing of bringing our Sweet Pea into this world with no medical help. Knowing that Christ suffered intense pain and did ‘the hard thing’ in Gethsemane helped me to know that I could do it too. I also had an amazing husband by my side who told me I could do it.

Not only can the Atonement help us do and get through hard things, but it can help us in our daily lives.

Motherhood is exhausting at times but there is no greater calling. On the days that I am exhausted, sick, in a bad mood, have no patience, want to run away and hide, I offer up many silent prayers to my Father in Heaven for peace and calm and help. More often then not after the pray is over, I end up holding which ever child is crying and just cry with them. Or both of them. Sometimes all I need it the spirit to envelope me as I’m holding my kids and to just  l e t  g o!!!

If it weren’t for the Atonement and the knowledge I have that I can ask my Father in Heaven for help on a daily basis, an hourly basis even, I don’t know how I would make it through some days. Whether we realize it or not, we access the Atonement just about every day when we pray for help. I am so grateful for it in my life!


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