Fitness Friday

You Know You Wanna CIZE!!

I have learned over the years with any kind of workout or exercise, that in order to stick with it, you need to find something that you enjoy. When you enjoy doing something, you look forward to it with anticipation and it can easily become a habit. Like a monthly date night with your significant other, mani/pedi every two weeks, nap time, monthly shopping spree. Do you catch what I’m throwing?

I don’t care for walking. I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere. However, I enjoy running. I feel more accomplished. I don’t like Yoga, but I enjoy Pilates. I don’t care for weight lifting, but I enjoy HIIT that involves weights.

Back in high school I loved dancing. I loved going to church dances, I was in show choir, I loved performing in musicals, I was in the marching band auxiliary. Needless to say, dancing was fun for me. So when I heard about Beachbody coming out with a workout called Cize, I was super excited!! Shaun T teaches you dance moves and you ‘perform’ to the song at the end and the time flies by so fast!! If you like dancing even the tiniest bit… You should seriously look into doing Cize!!

Check out this video clip! It’s the last 3 minutes or so of my workout this past week!!


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