The Wandering Mind

Stop Expecting & Start Flowing

In the last week I have learned a valuable lesson. I have been learning this lesson for a long time, but I have seen it’s effects more this past week then ever before.

I am a person that thrives on a schedule. I need a schedule to feel at peace, to feel accomplished. Being a mom makes it hard to have a schedule. I do my best to have a lax schedule, but a schedule nonetheless.

Last weekend The Hubs went out gopher shooting and was gone for a day and a half. With just me and Little Man… peace of cake! But Sweet Pea wasn’t sleeping well and I was anxious.

The night before The Hubs left I realized that in order to have a decent weekend, I needed to pretty much forget all expectations and schedule and just go with the flow. That was a little intimidating for me. But I did it.

We ate left overs for dinner, and the three of us snuggled in daddy’s recliner and watching shows together. Little Man got to stay up until Sweet Pea fell asleep. I put her in bed, got Little Man in bed and only had to comfort Sweet Pea once. I went to bed shortly after they did. I woke a few times during the night expecting Sweat Pea to wake at any minute. She didn’t make a peep until 6:30am. She had slept for 10 hours all by herself!!

With the great sleep we all had and have zero expectations, I was still able to get my workout in and have a great day with the kids.

That next night, we did the same thing. Left overs for dinner, snuggling in daddy’s chair, and same bedtime schedule. Sweet Pea slept again for almost 10 hours.

Fast forward a few days and I had tons of things I needed and wanted to get done. Sweet Peas is still sleeping great at night, but now her naps are thrown off. The nap time where both kids are asleep, she didn’t want to stay asleep. I didn’t get a nap. I didn’t get anything done. I was so frustrated and overwhelmed.

That night I said to myself that I didn’t have anything that had to get done and no where to go, so forget the schedule. I was going to sleep in, I was going to workout when I could. I was just going to be and let things happen. Extra sleep I got that morning. Workout still completed. Left over chores accomplished. AND naps lined up perfectly.

I am learning that when I zero expectations for the day, the day seems to go more smoothly. I can still have my schedule. But that daily chores and everything else doesn’t have to happen at a specific time during the day. As long as I strive to get it accomplished by the end of the day that is all that matters.

If you stop expecting things to happen, you won’t get disappointed as often. You wouldn’t feel like a failure as often. You’ll feel more accomplished and relaxed.

Just go with the flow!!


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