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Marinate Yourself In The Gospel Of Jesus Christ


I was editing an article, for a friend of mine, that she was writing for the the blog SheTeachesFearlessly.com. Inside the article she wrote something that really resonated with me and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

…marinate {yourself} in the gospel of Jesus Christ…

Marinating is an amazing process. You get an oil and seasonings and mix them together in a bag, then add your meat and let it sit or marinate, for a few hours until the flavors have a chance to seep into the meat. The deeper the flavor you want, that longer you need to let it marinate.

What is our oil and seasoning when it comes to the studying the gospel?

I would venture to say that the oil is The Book of Mormon. The base, the one thing that we cannot go without in our marinade. Then I would venture to say that the seasonings are anything we want to add to enrich our marinade, based on the flavor we are desiring at the the time. You have Ensign articles, General Conference talks, LDS.org, Mormon.org, Seminary manuals, Institute manuals, For The Strength of Youth, Sunday School manuals and more. Each of those ‘seasonings’ can enrich the flavor of the meat, or enrich your faith so to speak.

With today being the Sabbath day, let us marinate our faith in the The Book of Mormon and other tools to helps us enrich our souls!!

Now on to prep my dinner so it can marinate in the crockpot! 😉


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