Fitness Friday

The Scale Is A LIAR!


The scale is one B.I.G. F.A.T L.I.A.R!!!

Unfortunately I’m one of those who has relied on the scale to determine how I fell. I am trying really hard to not let it define me and my emotions though.

In the last month I have lost less than a pound. It has been rather frustrating since I was loosing 1 lbs a week since I had Sweet Pea in January. I have been feeling amazing and when I got on the scale and saw that it was barely budging I wanted to sit down and cry. I wanted to give up. I have goals that I want to crush before June and I’m 5lbs behind on those goals.

Instead of giving up, I turned to a dear friend (Haeli — she guested posted last week). I told her how I was feeling. That nothing fits. All the clothes I wore throughout my pregnancy/postpartum are too big (yay!!) but all my pre-pregnancy clothes are too small (boo!!). I am stuck and so is the scale. She didn’t respond right away. After a while, she sent me an amazing message of support and encouragement.

As women (and sometimes as men) we focus too much on the end point instead of the progress.

Let me say that again…. we focus too much on the end point instead of the progress.

After I read her message I thought about the progress I have made. I have been doing PIYO (a workout program available through BeachBody) for the last almost 8 weeks and I have become so much stronger and more flexible. My wrists aren’t aching as much from all the plank work and ‘down-dog’ work. I can do more triceps pushups AND regular pushups (which I could barely do before.) I can push through more of the lower body routines with ease and don’t hit muscle fatigue as early. In fact, I have become so much strong that I am able to get up in a full side plank, on both sides, for a few seconds before I need to modify. I never thought I’d be able to!!!

The point is…. I FEEL AMAZING!!! I feel strong. I feel lean. I feel flexible. I feel happy. The scale is not reflecting the muscle growth (ok maybe it is). It’s not reflecting the inches lost. It’s not reflecting the emotional high I feel at the end of each workout!

The scale is a great tool to measure progress and work you towards your goals. But it is not the only tool nor the only key to success. Measurements, mood and the fit of your clothing are BETTER tools to indicate progress!

You are not alone in your fitness goals and desires! You are not alone in your struggles, weaknesses and frustrations. Reach out!! I am here for you!!



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