Fitness Friday

Is Fitness A Priority In Your Life?

Life has been so crazy lately.

Sweet Pea has had an interesting schedule to say the least. She used to nap 2-4 hrs during the day and then be up all evening and into the night and it was just not working for either The Hubs or myself. So we have decided to start sleep training her. (It works for our family, it may not for others.) So my days consist of feedings and naps on schedule and Little Man’s and Sweat Pea’s nap don’t line up anymore. Now she naps between 1-1.5 hrs during the day so whenever she goes down it’s a race to get things done and spend some time with Little Man.

The reason for telling you all of that is this…

The things that are a priority in your life, you will find the time for. The things that aren’t, won’t get done.

How many times have you caught yourself saving, “I don’t have time for that” or something along those lines?

But you do have time to scroll through Facebook for who knows how long, or Instagram, or watch videos on YouTube.

Think about it for just a second.


What, in your life, have you made a priority that shouldn’t be? What, in your life, needs to be a priority and isn’t?

Fitness used to be one of those things ‘I didn’t have time for.’ Then it became a priority in my life andΒ I made the time for it!

Most days lately, I wonder why I even press play. As soon as I do, Sweat Pea starts crying. But I have made it a priority because it makes me a better person. A better mom and wife. How? Because I feel better about myself. I feel accomplished. I feel confident. I feel like wonder woman!

Today’s tip is to look at your ‘list of to-dos’ and figure out what really matters, what really is important and rearrange what you need to, to make time for the important things. ❀


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