The Wandering Mind

Does Skin To Skin Matter?

Why is it that whenever I feel inspired to write something, I’m no where near a computer?

A few nights ago Sweet Pea didn’t feel good in them middle of the night and The Hubs did what he could to try and calm her and nothing seemed to help. I came in, took her in my arms, and in a few minutes she calmed down. She was even almost asleep. I gave her back to him so I could go back to bed and she got fussy again.

The next evening I got to snuggle Sweet Pea while she didn’t feel good. I rocked her. I patted her back. I stood up and swayed her. I even read to her out of the book I was reading. But nothing seemed to be helping. I reflected back to the other night trying to figure out what it was that calmed Sweet Pea down. After thinking about it, I realized that we were semi skin to skin.

When Sweet Pea was born, we slept skin to skin for the first week or so of her life. Before Sweet Pea, we didn’t know how important skin to skin is. Did you know that skin to skin with mom can control a babies body temperature, heart rate, blood sugar and breathing? It’s amazing the connection that mom and baby have even once separated after birth.

So I placed her semi skin to skin again and with in seconds, she calmed down. Once her sweet little cheek and ear were on my chest, her wiggling slowed, her breathing slowed and her eyes started drooping. I sat back down in the rocking chair and wanted to cry. Sweet Pea has gotten so big and grown so much in the last 6 weeks. She is no where near as tiny as she was that first week. I will always hold it close to my heart that week where she stayed so close to me.

I wish we had known more about skin to skin when Little Man was born. It may have helped with some of his fussiness. But I’m so grateful that we know now.


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