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How To Make Cooking Fun

Well, now that we are almost into March….… Did anyone make and goals in regards to cooking or meal planning? Have you stuck to them?

A friend of mine asked me recently, if I had any suggestions on how to make cooking fun. I giggled because at one point, cooking was not fun at all to me. The thought of cooking stressed me out and you couldn’t get me in a kitchen to cook or bake. I could make scrambled eggs, pancakes, ramen and cold cereal. I could bake, but only with a box mix and when the mood struck me. Other than that no way!

So I’ve been thinking about it and I’m still not quite sure what it was that flipped the switch, but here are a few ways to make cooking seem like fun!

  • Make it a date! There is nothing more fun or exhilarating, in my book, then trying something new with someone who is important to you! When The Hubs and I were still ‘newlyweds’, we decided to have date night once week and cook a new recipe to both of us. Some recipes were disgusting and others were amazing! That was how my blog (on blogger) The Stoker Kitchen was born.
  • Try something new! When you cook the same things over and over and over again, it can get really boring. Trade it up. Do you like lasagna? Meatloaf? Breaded chicken? Chili? Sometimes all you need is a new presentation of your favorite food and things before more exciting and fun.
  • Document and share it! Whether you decide to start your own blog to keep track of your new found favorites, or post pictures on Instagram, Facebook and other social media sides, document what you have discovered and share it! People everywhere are looking for dinner ideas and you could be the inspiration for someone else’s drab cooking experience!
  • Share the good, the bad & the ugly! How many times have you seen people make fun of their not-s0-nailed-it Pinterest project attempts? If you find something that was disgusting, share it and why. We found a recipe and tried it and royally messed it up. But I’m still going to post about the mistakes so that someone can laugh and learn from it!
  • MENU PLAN!! I can’t stress this one enough. It is vital to menu plan. It doesn’t mean that you have to eat what is on the day the day you planned it for. But what it does mean, is you have the ingredients for that dish all on hand and it takes the stress out of the question “What’s for dinner?” It also helps you save money and avoid unnecessary trips to the grocery store. When The Hubs asks “what’s for dinner” I simply tell him to check the menu and the problem is solved. Or if he says he doesn’t want what I have planned for that day (if I haven’t already started making dinner) then he can pick from something else during that week and again, problem solved! Make it a goal to menu plan for at least one week at a time, but if you can, I suggest 2 weeks to a month at a time! Again, takes the stress out of cooking the more you can plan in advance. One more thing, get your hubby and kiddos involved in menu planning. Let them pick something each week that is their favorite and you’ll hear less complaining.

Now that I’ve given you a few suggestions… I challenge you to sit down and think about what it really is that makes cooking not fun. Now tell me in the comments below and lets see what other advice we can share with each to make cooking a better experience for us all!


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