Fitness Friday

Fruits & Veggies & Protein

If you are looking to loose weight it’s usually all about eating less right? Less is more?

Not in this instance. If there is one thing you can eat more of when you want to loose weight, it’s fruits and veggies. Fruits and veggies have less calories than other snacks and they are more filling. There has been a video floating around Facebook that shows what 200 calories looks like in foods. The portion difference between a donut, carrots, butter, candy bar, peppers, M&M’s, a burger and much more. It gives a really great perspective! (I tried to include/attach the video link but it wouldn’t let me.)

Monday and Tuesday this week I did really well with nutrition. Then Wednesday came and because of a rough night with Sweet Pea things got a little off. I didn’t eat as many fruits and veggies but I still tried and did the best that I could. By the end of the day, my carb/fat/protein intake (according to the app My Fitness Pal) was still showing that I had been doing very well with my nutrition.

When I’m hungry, I try really hard to go for the fruits and veggies first. Even if they don’t even sound good. It’s been interesting but I’m noticing that when I do that, I stay fuller longer. That, and eating more protein.

It has always been hard for me to eat protein. Why? Because I have always associated protein with meat. I’m not a huge meat eater but I’m not a vegetarian. Then I found Dannon Protein Shakes — which I drink before my workouts — and Yoplait Greek Yogurts — which I will eat at the end of the day if I’m still hungry. I have also discovered the power of eggs as well!


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