Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

A Saggy Gazaubua

This morning as I was just getting off the treadmill, Little Man comes running into our den saying,

“Mom, I’ve got a problem.”

“What’s the problem.”

“Mom, I have a big problem.”

“Ok, what’s the problem.”

“It’s a saggy problem.”

As he sumo squats to jiggly his diaper around.

I laughed so hard!!!!


A few minutes ago as we are Face Timing with Grams, she was asking how many toes, fingers, knees etc that Little Man has. So she asks him,

“How many bums do you have?”

“It’s not a bum Grams, it’s a gazaubua. — looks at bum — and I only have one.”

Seriously this kid is a hoot!!!


What funny things do your kids say?!


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