{Family Home Evening} Articles of Faith

I don’t remember many Family Home Evenings as a kid. However, I have fond memories of one particular activity that we did often and that was memorizing the Articles of Faith.

My parents started teaching us at a young age. The first Article of Faith that I learned was the sixth one and I even sang it in Sacrament Meeting when I was two! When I asked my mom why the sixth one first, she said, “It was the first you memorized the cutest first.” Can you picture a two year old saying evangelists?

We believe

I remember that we would learn each article and repeat them over and over and over again. One at a time. Once we had them all memorized, we would go around as a family and take turns saying each one. Dad would start with the first one, then mom took the second one, my sister the third, etc. We would go around and around and help each other out. As we got better and better then we would take one article at a time and each person would say one word and we’d see who could keep up.

Then things got even more exciting.

We started having Article of Faith races! Yep! You read that right. We would race to see who could say all 13 Articles of Faith the fastest! My parents gave the award of dinner alone with the two of them to whoever could say them the fastest. It was so much fun practicing.

I hold the title of ‘the fastest’ coming in at under a minute. It is one of my fondest memories of Family Night.

My husband is a convert and doesn’t have the Articles of Faith memorized and now that Little Man is three years old I’m keeping the tradition a live in my own family.

In January we started with the first Article of Faith and Little Man has done a pretty good job at learning it. There are of course a few words he keeps missing and a few he can’t say very well, but I am impressed with how much he has been able to retain.

In looking for a great and easy way to The Hubs and Little Man the Articles of Faith, I found the perfect solution from the blog A Year of Family Home Evenings. I remember reading stories with images instead of words like this from the Friend Magazine when I was little. It brings back so many memories.


I keep the Article of Faith that we are focusing on, up on the fridge. Little Man will often go to fridge, pull it down and say what he remembers using the images and then we work on learning what he doesn’t. It’s fun to watch him get so excited about learning them.

I hope that these pages will help you to be able to teach your children the Articles of Faith and have fun in the process!! It can help make memories that will last a life time!

What are your favorite Family Night memories?


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