{Family Home Evening} 25 Days of Christ

I had some many ideas of how I wanted to do FHE in the weeks leading up to Christmas but everything that I wanted to would take longer than the 4 Monday evenings or weren’t exactly what I wanted or not toddler friendly.

A friend of mine on Facebook posted a link to 25 Days of Christ and said that they have been doing this particular advent for three years and her kids enjoyed it.

Now her kids are all older than Little Man, but I have been reading a few verses in the Book of Mormon to Little Man every day for a year and a half so I figured this should be just fine.

Each day has at least one section of verses to read and at least one video to watch and it takes the 25 days to talk about all of Christ’s life! We have thoroughly enjoyed it!! I am looking forward to doing this every year!!

We have an advent calendar that I made (completely separate from this study of Christ) so every day after we do our videos, Little Man gets to pick out an ornament and hang it up! He loves the whole process and it brings joy to my heart to watch him enjoy learning about Christ’s life!!

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