{Family Home Evening} I Love To See The Temple

The Temple has always been important to The Hubs and I. We were sealed in the Draper UT Temple back in 2009.

Photo Credit

We hold the Temple near and dear to our hearts and the song I Love To See The Temple was rotated with several others when I would sing to Little Man when he was a baby. Of the handful of songs that I sung to him, I Love To See The Temple soon became the only song that he requested at night.

 He gets so excited whenever he gets to see a Temple. We have many Temple pictures through out our home and it appears that he has picked his favorite one. Can you guess which Temple is his favorite of the 148 operating Temples world wide?

For our FHE the other night, I decided to read to him some scriptures about the Temple.

I downloaded this Temple BoxTemple PuzzleTemple Mobile and a few images of Temples for Little Man to choose from from Google Images.

 For our opening song we sang I Love To See The Temple.
While The Hubs and Little man glued the Temple Box together I read Doctrine & Covenants 97:15-17.
While The Hubs and Little Man put the Temple Puzzle together I read 2 Nephi 5:16.
While The Hubs and Little Man started putting the Temple Mobile together I read what it says in the Bible Dictionary about Temples. (I can’t find a link to reference. If you’d like to know what it says please feel free to leave a comment below.)
After I was finished reading I helped them assemble the mobile.
For dessert (which we hardly ever do) we had fortune cookies that came with dinner and a few swedish fish each (his new favorite candy).
One day when we had the sister missionaries over for dinner, one of the sisters let Little Man look at all the Temple pictures she had on her iPad to keep him occupied while we had a discussion. Of the 10 images she had, he fell in love with an image similar to what you see above. The Salt Lake City UT Temple at Christmas. I printed out 4 images, 2 of Draper and 2 of Salt Lake and you can see which one he picked! I love that he has a favorite and he is only 3! 🙂

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