{Family Home Evening} 12 Days of Thanksgiving

There isn’t a huge emphasis on Thanksgiving out there. It makes me sad that we jump from Halloween to Christmas. I wanted to do something special to prepare us for Thanksgiving and help us to remember all the little things and the big things that we should be grateful for. So I started looking around. I didn’t just want to do coloring pages and I wanted to make sure that we included some spiritual aspect into whatever I was going to do. It was less than two weeks before Thanksgiving that I decided to do this so I thought I would find something short and easy to try.

12 Days to Thanksgiving.

I also thought that since I was soooooo close to the 12 days starting that instead of doing all the work myself, I’d see if there was anything on Pinterest! There was ONE thing! ONE THING! It was close to the idea I wanted but just not quite there. So I created my own 12 Days to Thanksgiving.

 I picked out 12 scriptures then colored and cut out 1 leaf for each of us for the 12 days.

The pile of leaves and scriptures sat on our table so that while we’re eating dinner we can read a scripture to remind us to be thankful and then write down one thing we were thankful for each day. Then I hung them up on my fridge with stick-tack and it looks like fallen leaves! It’s a beautiful and simple fall decor and something we saw every day to remind us to be grateful.

{The leaves I found on google images and the scriptures come from The King James version of the Bible and The Book of Mormon.}

If you want to use the exact list of scriptures I used, click the link below! 🙂

12 Days of Thanksgiving Scriptures

{{If for some reason the link doesn’t work please let me know}}



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